The Details: adidas Originals Introduces The New C-10

07.10.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

adidas C-10 006

The FedEx fairy stopped by yesterday with an impressive delivery of the new adidas Originals C-10. The first thing that comes to mind is how complicated and intriguing these are. The sharp lines, cuts and angles. The straps jutting from different directions near the back of the shoe. The mix of materials. The bright white midsole beaming like a picture perfect smile. The absence of the Three Stripes branding.

In other words, it’s a lot. But…it’s beautiful, especially in a sneaker world dominated by flamboyant colors, less traditional materials and endless amounts of retros.

It’s as if adidas tapped into either their archives of runners and basketball shoes and/or the new, growing vault of inspiration of Raf, Nigo, Jeremy, Pharrell, maybe Kanye or any of the one name entities aligned with the company. It’s hard to pinpoint who or what the C-10 draws from, which means it will end up standing on its on. And what we end up with a fashion-friendly shoe that won’t come with an outrageous price tag – MSRP is said to be $90 – and, hopefully, one that’s not extremely difficult to acquire.

The new C-10 releases in August at adidas Originals retailers. Super thanks to the guys there for sending this pair over.

adidas C-10 108

adidas C-10 085

adidas C-10 009

adidas C-10 011

adidas C-10 020

adidas C-10 0010

adidas C-10 052

adidas C-10 045

adidas C-10 063

adidas C-10 082

adidas C-10 068

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