Agacee – “WIN”

11.30.10 7 years ago

Words by C. Paicely

Two weeks after his Howard Dean-worthy, red-faced rant, Chi-city’s gritty Agacee returns revealing more of that man’s man, John Wayne swagger. Allowing simplicity to saturate the hook he brings a constant cleverness to each verse that bubbles below the surface, subtly slipping witty punch-lines into every rhyme. Coupled with woofer-friendly production from TraBeats, “WIN” aims to emulate its title. He’s a newbie to us, but Agacee’s no young buck, wearing his status as an old-minded Chicagoan like a badge of honor.


Download — Agacee – “WIN” (Prod. by TraBeats)

You can find Agacee on Twitter (@Agacino) and his Film School V. 1 project is coming soon.

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