“Ain’t Gone Let Up…”

04.17.08 10 years ago 64 Comments

Anybody who knows, knows I was ridin for Yola as soon as he hit the scene.

Evidence #1 – “I’m A Real Aggin..”

Evidence #2 – “A-1”

See, because Yola has that amazing backstory that every rapper seems to have, word to no Akon. Cliff Notes version – Homeless as a teen. Hustled to make it. Got a chance. Made the most it. All before the age of 20.

Then he took one to the face @ a red light one night in the A.

And as you can see from the above video clip, he’s still on the road to recovery. But, I’m assuming he’s progressed because I have seen a few tracks of his in the past few months. But never the less, when people speak down on certain artists for not having one quality or another, I think of Yola.

The young boy obviously has drive and focus. From the outside looking in, it seems as if he knows this rap game is his ticket so he treats it as such.

And he’s got talent.

Here’s to hoping his dream, often deferred, is one day fully realized.

DG Yola Episode 2: Recovery

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DG Yola Has Recovered From His Gunshot Wound, And Is Back With Some New Music! [SOHH]

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