The Details: The Air Jordan XX8 ‘Bamboo’

02.19.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

Jordan XX8 overhead 2

Last Friday morning, the good folks at Jordan Brand invited me to check out the Jordan Flight Lab before it was open to the public (if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you’d know this already). It was one of the most fun experiences all weekend with a live hologram of Jordan Brand athletes and a chance to design Jordans and get 1-of-1s made. They also sent your truly home with a pair of the highly sought-after Jordan XX8 Bamboos.

Now, New Orleans is notorious for having such crappy, dirty streets that it’s damn near impossible to keep up a pair when taking long walks through the French Quarter. So I did just that: spending all day Saturday in my all-white XX8s, doing the most walking I did all weekend. I walked pretty much non-stop from 9am to 4am.

jordan 28 walked 2

And guess what? All of these pics of the shoes were taken after walking all day Saturday. I didn’t do any cleaning or spraying after the fact. Basically, these shoes are damn near as white as they were when I took them out of the box.

Now, I totally understand the backlash with the Jordan XX8 shroud design. When held in your hands or on store shelves, they don’t look like anything that would be a dope addition to a wardrobe. However, I can say that it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten stopped so much by people asking me where I got my shoes from…followed by tons of compliments.

The XX8s definitely turned heads and look great on the foot if you throw on some jeans to high the high shroud or zip it down about halfway and cuff the shroud. If you don’t believe me, try a pair and see what you think.

The best aspects of the XX8s have always been what’s under the hood. The Flight Plate and the Dynamic Fit technology really stood the test of the French Quarter marathon, as they provided the same comfort at 4am as they did 16 hours earlier. And essentially that’s what you’re paying for. I kept the shroud unzipped for the most part, but had it zipped up for a few hours to see how it felt, and it’s actually pretty negligible, never taking away from the shoe’s comfort.

By sundown I’d sort of forgot I was wearing all-white shoes and just walked carelessly around the city, because I’d gotten tired of worrying about screwing up my shoes. But as you can see, they held up spectacularly and, more importantly, so did my feet and ankles.

And really, that’s all you can ask for.

Jordan XX8

Jordan 28 with box

jordan 28 side

jordan 28 fold down


Jordan 28 bamboo

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