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Words by C. Hannibal Smith 

Looks like anyone who copped an iPhone can benefit from’s iTunes promo. A pretty decent playlist that’s being given away for free, no fee.

After mackin her Maserati on Hollywood Boulevard, looks like Evie Eve has to rock the state-issued jewelry….an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet

Who knew LRG was created by a couple of dudes from O.C. , but according to this article, looks like it’ll take more than Kanye’s support to keep the hypebeasts purchasing their gear.

Presidential hopeful, Brack Obama, aka “Mr. $32.5 Million ” talked to New York’s Hot 97 about being a fan of the Jigga man.

You know it’s a slow news day when people are beefin that Kanye let slip a choice sh*t and ni***  during Princess Diana’s memorial concert in London yesterday.

The Baltimore Sun has an article about a rap recording studio just for shorties.

These rap cats took the nerd concept a little too far in may opinion

Looks like our follk in England ain’t getting an official release of the Prince album. I’m sayin, dude can’t just release a straight disc anymore? Forever the innovative artist, I guess.

Personally, I was feeling Kanye’s mixtape with it’s Thom Yorke sample on “US Placers” but a super group featuring Lupe, Skateboard and ‘Ye ? Ego’s could collide.

Cassidy is gettin his burn on and he’ll have a post July 4th mixtape ready for us with Green Lantern on the mix.

Don’t think this’ll be the last hiphop mixtape by soldiers wasting time overseas.

bgdboom has up a Little Brother concert review and Solange Knowles Birthday Party.

The Crew is holdin fort over @ KING this morning, doin the do with old school Doo-Wop mixtapes. The links for part I of this same series are over there (full commentary there as well; drop a comment) but here’s the links for Spring Part 2.

Side A.

Side B.

Along with a few other solid mixtapes from around the same era. Expect a few more throughout the next few days & weeks, especially is the demand & response are on point.

Stray Shots

Kid Capri – Old School 2

Kid Capri – Old School pt.3

DooWop – Summer Jam ’96

Tony Touch & DooWop – Diaz Brothers 2 For 5

DJ Clue – The 4,5,6 Goin’ For Broke (1996)

Stray Shots

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