Your College Football Recap, Week 11, Pt. 2: Why Were Ohio State Football Fans Stressing During A Bye Week?

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I don’t claim to know what Ohio State fans are thinking. Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn. I’ve never liked Ohio State ever since some weird glitch in NCAA Football 2004 allowed them to tackle my receiver in the endzone (Florida State) while the ball was still in the air. Since then, disdain for the team has grown exponentially with it coming to a head in recent years.

All that being said, so many words are applicable in describing where the Buckeyes find themselves. Let this marinate for a moment: Ohio State could have two consecutive undefeated seasons with no title to show in the Urban Meyer era. Last year was defined by the school’s NCAA sanctions. This year is defined by a string of losses and wins from other teams that could masquerade itself as as bad luck. Or karma for cheating in a video game. Or a combination of both.

OSU had a bye this week, but let’s run through just a dizzying display of “Oh, c’mon! Really?!”-moments Buckeye Nation faced this weekend.

1. No. 5 Stanford beats No. 3 Oregon. The good thing for OSU is Oregon didn’t win and do so in a landslide. Now the possibility remains Stanford leap frogs Ohio State for the No. 3 spot.

2. While they didn’t drop 70, Baylor’s resume continues to look more and more appealing with a 41-12 drubbing of No. 10 Oklahoma. This is a Stretch Armstrong-type reach, but imagine OSU fans if Baylor somehow jumps to No. 4 and OSU drops to fifth in the BCS.

3. Florida State beat the piss out of Wake Forest and forced seven turnovers while doing so. FSU has controls their own destiny at this point. Basically the exact opposite as Ohio State.

4. Jeff Green hit a game-winning three on LeBron last night in Miami. What this has to do with anything, I don’t know, but I needed an extra point to make five.

5. While it was close for the first 40 minutes or so of game action, Alabama walked the dogs on No. 13 LSU.

Take it from here, Bow Weezy, also an Ohioan.

Bow Wow

Believe it or not, there’s still a lot of meaningful football left to be played with rivalry games and conference championships. The thing is now Ohio State’s running out of chances and it may have nothing to do with what they do on the field. If Alabama and Florida State win out, that’s our national title game. Coincidentally, the only thing Ohio State can do is destroy Illinois, Indiana and Michigan and Michigan State in the Big Ten championship game if that’s, in fact, the matchup.

Until then, life for Ohio State fans should continue to be hell. It’s a classic case study in rooting for multiple teams for the best interest of one, which very rarely works. I would feel for OSU, if I actually gave a damn. They cheated me out of my national championship in 2004. Life could potentially cheat them out of theirs, during a second consecutive undefeated season at that.

And I can’t stop laughing.

 photo trex_zps22b2974c.gif

Quick Hits

— Let’s be honest. Virginia Tech beating No. 11 Miami 42-24 is an “upset” in the most technical of terms, but it’s something that kind of could’ve be seen coming from a mile away following Duke Johnson’s ankle injury. I’m more surprised Logan Thomas didn’t will Miami back in the game with costly interceptions.

— Good grief, the Florida Gators are 4-5. The most recent loss came to Vanderbilt at home, something that hasn’t happened since the atomic bombs were dropped (1945).

— This time two months ago, Mack Brown was halfway out the door in terms of public opinion. Six consecutive wins later, and a still-unblemished Big 12 record, life is good. The Longhorns used overtime to beat West Virginia 47-40 in a win that all but ensures Texas will be ranked heading into next weekend. Speaking of next week, we’re really going to see what this Texas team is made of with Oklahoma State and Baylor – both top 15 teams – as two of their remaining final three games.

— Storm Johnson didn’t score, but his 28 carries for 127 yards helped keep No. 21 UCF with only one loss on the record thus far after beating Houston 19-14.

Duck Hunt dog

— I understand the need to have Notre Dame ranked because they’re Notre Dame, but Notre Dame lost 28-21 last night. To Pittsburgh.

— Maty Mauk had five touchdowns in No. 8 Missouri’s 48-17 scrimmage with Kentucky. Four of those five scores went to Dorial Green-Beckham.

— No. 22 Arizona State entered the fourth quarter against Utah 19-7. Taylor Kelly’s two touchdowns in the final frame helped avoid disaster. As of right now, we’re looking at ASU and Stanford in the Pac-12 championship game.

— Auburn only threw the ball seven times in their 55-23 win over Tennessee. Seriously, why pass the rock when you can run for 444?

— I’m sticking to my guns when I say if Texas A&M’s defense could stop anyone, they’d be in the national title conversation. Saturday could have been perhaps Johnny Manziel’s last game in College Station. John Football, humbled by the moment after the game, was in full gunslinger mode throwing for 446 yards and five touchdowns (three picks, too) as the Aggies beat Mississippi State in a 51-41 shoot out. A&M has now scored at least 40 points in 13 straight games, the longest such streak since Oregon in 2011-12.

Manziel Knee

And if this was Rich Homie Manziel’s last home game as a student-athlete, the program will be hard pressed to find another quarterback who can make taking a knee entertaining.

— In more serious matters, prayers to and salute to Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott who played yesterday mourning the loss of his mother to cancer.

— Back to LSU-Bama really quick, McCarron’s super sexy, model chick girlfriend Katherine Webb was front and center in the stands alongside his mom Dee Dee Bonner. Verne Lundquist pointed this out for cameras, but left it there: “I don’t work for that four-letter network. Discretion.” We see you, Verne. No need to Brett Musberger yourself.

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