100-Word Review: The Alchemist & Budgie’s ‘The Good Book’

04.06.14 4 years ago

The Alchemist Budgie The Good Book Cover Art

Presented in a leather-bound faux-Bible, Alchemist and Budgie’s The Good Book delivers a flood of gospel sounds, gloriously selected and flipped throughout. Whether a heavenly sample looped as an interlude or a full musical offering blessed with the rhymes of emcees like Action Bronson, Prodigy and Blu, not one chapter here should be passed over. Devout listeners of Al’s canon will recognize the humor in the samples of AM-radio preachers, and although Budgie is the lesser heralded producer he is no less virtuous, as believers who don’t stray after disc one will see their faith redeemed.

Songs To Play: “In Heaven’s Home,” “Telling Folk,” “Beyond the Years,” “Brother Elijah,” “Higher Than Before”

Songs To Skip: Nada.

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