Alex Wiley Ft. Calez – “#Heauxs” Video

11.28.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Going into Alex Wiley’s video for “#Heauxs,” my view was pretty much based off the fact Ruby Hornet recently signed the budding Chicago rapper and we respect their fresh. Then, once I clicked play and saw what appeared to be Andy Milinakis’ brother doing a Future impression, I became very let down. Then, he rapped.

That’s when this beefy MC’s slurred and unpronounced fast-flow completely sent my head spinning in interest, only to be knocked out by his straight-forward chant-happy hook. These elements were only complimented further by his entrancing humming over Stefan Ponce’s frantic beat. After about five spins, that unique intrigue grows.

While you guys skip the cover of Mr. Wiley’s book and dive in, I’m going to check out his YouTube train and see if his schtick holds up.

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