Alex Wiley Ft. Chance The Rapper & GLC – “Spaceship II”

06.06.13 5 years ago 15 Comments

alex wiley spaceship ii

“Last month I paid a visit to the institute
They had the Dropout keeping kids in the school”

Alex Wiley, Chance The Rapper and their Save Money buddies clearly grew up under the shadow of a very specific, very influential Chi-Town emcee. Taking Kanye’s classic “Spaceship” – a blue-collar ballad that had people working terrible, dead-end, just-enough-to-pay-rent-and-maybe-buy-some-beer muttering “if my manager insults me again, I will be assaulting him” – and penning an unofficial sequel? Ambitious.

But here we are, deeming “Spaceship II” worthy. Dripping with homage to Kanye’s College Dropout days – from the “Overnight Celebrity” intro to the “yeah I stole, never got caught,” hook – all I can do is sit back, smile, and wrap my mind around the fact that cats who clearly had their Walkmen spinning the exact same maroon-and-yellow CD that I did when I first really got a taste for Hip-Hop have next.

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