Alex Wiley – “Thug Angel” Video

04.05.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

Alex Wiley is a serious problem. Unassuming in physical form, but deserving of serious attention in so many ways, this Chicago-based artist appears capable of just about anything at this point.

After his last records were trapped out and chilled out, this casually-aggressive video for “Thug Angel” displays Wiley wilding out over heavy metal guitars with a flow that knows no boundaries. Whether he’s singing, spitting fast, harmonizing with himself for riot-inducing hooks or simply rocking boastful bars with references to Bruce Bruce, this dude is coming from all angles and seemingly aiming to exceed every one of our expectations with his melting pot of music. And, you know what? That’s exactly he’s done with every song we’ve heard, thus far. Let’s hope that bar stays raised and this unique MC continues to stand out amidst maybe the most cookie-cutter genre of them all.

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