Alfamega Conquers All!

11.25.08 9 years ago 81 Comments

Mundy was right but apparently Carlos & Co. didn’t take heed as they proceeded to get into fisticuffs with Alfamega.

Quoting my man…

“Brawl @ the Dirty Awards between Shawty Lo’s crew & Alfamega…Mega was whoopin ass & taking names lol. Police maced the shit outta him & he was STILL whoopin ass.”

Why any natural born man would really want to box it out with Alfamega is beyond me. I’d just stand behind a car & throw rocks @ that brolic motherfucker.


Seems as if Gyant has some footage & eskay has an extra video clip as well, the one showing Lo’s performance that reportedly sparked it all.

All I see is Mega walk off stage, a guy laying down & then Mega walk back on stage lol.

Watching Grand Hustle all on stage performing “Ain’t I” is actually better.

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