Alicia Keys – “Die Without You”

12.04.13 4 years ago 13 Comments


Alicia Keys has had a career 97.4% of people who have dreams to make it in the music business would kill for. She’s toured the world, made millions upon millions of dollars, collaborated with everyone from Jay Z, to Drake, to Beyonce to Maxwell, went from mistress (allegedly!) to wife and became an irreplaceable figure in music.

Feeling humbled by such success and possibly in a reflective state during the holiday season, Mrs. Keys-Beatz introduced AK Vault. This is the spot where the Grammy-winning artist will release photos and unreleased tunes she’s been sitting on for years. Such is the case in “Die Without You,” a cover of the popular PM Dawn record that’s been on ice since June 2007.

If she’s taking suggestions for the next installment, however, might I humbly request anything from the Diary Of Alicia Keys era. It’s only one of the 10 (15 at the most) best R&B albums since the turn of the century.

Alicia Keys – “Die Without You”

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