Alison Brie’s Down For The Bad Dog

06.17.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

When Gotty™ first sent this over, I confused Alison Brie with Christina Hendricks, who Matt over at Warming Glow always speaks so highly of. A tinge of disappointment came over me when I saw a brunette walk through the door (sue me, I don’t watch Mad Men), but it quickly dissipated when the dialogue started.  Truthfully, any video that incorporates Donkey Punch & Tea Bagging 30 seconds in is a winner in my books. The same goes for keeping a straight face throughout the video. While not knee-slapper funny, the deadpan delivery utilized by all three performers allows the folks over at Funny Or Die to live to sketch another day.

And Dr. Ruth, you better watch out ’cause Mrs. Davis is moving in on your territory.

[Funny Or Die]

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