All Eyes On King James

07.08.10 8 years ago 58 Comments

I don’t know about you, but I’m so over the NBA’s free agency season right now. I’ve come to realize that I prefer my free agent signings to appear as blurbs across the bottom of ESPN’s screen or as breaking news interrupting diving outfield grabs on SportsCenter. Like most quasi interesting stories, the folks up in Bristol beat NBA free agency into submission with special after special where nothing more than speculation was presented as gospel for the past week. I think NBA analysts rival only weatherman for the right to be so grossly wrong yet still keeping their jobs. It also goes to show just how boring the summer is in the sporting arena, when one sport’s off-season happenings can just dominate sports news for a week and no one cares.

Thankfully, it’ll all come to an end today when LeBron James announces where he’ll be lacing up next season in an hour long show on ESPN. The economic championship aspirations for a handful of teams will hang in the balance as King James holds court with the his choice revealed within the first 10 minutes, followed by interviews from Jim Gray & Michael Wilbon. Seriously LeBron, you can’t just have your manager shoot over a press release or be on SportsCenter for 15 minutes? Will you have five or six hats sitting on a table in front of you like you’re choosing a college? I know you missed out on that by skipping college, but this isn’t the time to make up for it. Probably the only real positive to come from this is ESPN’s donation to the Boys & Girls Club Of America for the rights to air “The Decision.”

I also know that this is yet another brilliant marketing move by James’ camp where, unlike on the court, LeBron almost always wins.

LeBron’s ‘Decision’ Is A Big One For ESPN Too [LA Times]

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