Allen Iverson’s Unpaid Jewelry Bill Costs Him $800K

01.31.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

¡Ay, caramba! While a few faithful fans still have their fingers crossed for an Allen Iverson comeback, things aren’t looking too good in the former NBA scoring champ’s bank account thanks to his affection for things that go shimmy shimmy ya in the light. TMZ is reporting that Aydin & Company Jewelers out of Atlanta, GA sued AI for an unpaid bill of $375,000 but there was no response on Iverson’s end. So, like a scorned baby mother seeking her child’s best interest, the courts took it to another level: wage garnishment.

A Georgia judge recently signed off on an order that allowed the jewelers to recoup the money for the rogue ice totaling $859,896.46, which includes other pesky intangibles like court costs and interest. It’s a safe bet to say the term “hustling backwards” applies here. Paying nearly triple the original price for a pile of necklaces is not the capitalist way.


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