Alpoko Don aka Don Dada – “All I Know” Video

05.21.12 6 years ago 8 Comments

You need a hit, give him an hour, plus a pen and a bannister. TSS Crew favorite and comments section champion, Alpoko Don (formerly known as Don Dada) returns with more lo-fi beats and hi-fi rhymes in the video, directed by 8732 Films and 3HM Films, for a soulful track, “All I Know.” Starting on the familiar porch that began his rise to internet notoriety and ending in the streets of his Greenville, SC stomping grounds, “All I Know” is proof that there’s more to the Don than just his rewind-worthy punch lines.

In the last frame of the video, a reference to Don being arrested on June 4 sent a jolt of fear through my body. Are all of these videos old and just surfacing? Are we just picking through the remains of an artist’s unrealized potential? Thankfully, our hero is on the streets and ready to make his run in earnest. Having just completed an 8 year bid, here’s hoping that the South Carolinian takes a cue from Duct Tape’s Trouble and takes full advantage of his time back on the bricks. Still, even if the Technicolor spitter with the southern deacon voice is unable to make it off the porch and into my local Best Buy, I won’t stop combing through YouTube in search of that unmistakable laugh and his familiar ink pen hi-hat.

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