Amber Rose Claims She Was Drugged When She Aired Out Kanye West

06.05.15 2 years ago 12 Comments

Recently, Amber Rose let spill that Kanye has ghostwriters. Then, she retracted her statement by stating she was loose off some liquor and that’s why she made the accusation.

Now, she’s doubled-down on her defense and claimed that someone slipped something into her drink during a recent interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. Starting at the 28:20 mark in the clip above, she explains that that was why her tongue slipped:

“I really feel like someone put something in my drink that night,” said Rose. “I’ma be honest, one; I don’t talk like that and two; I had two cocktails…and a couple sips of champagne and that’s it. I literally blacked out and threw up all night and woke up in my bed naked with no clothes on…I don’t do drugs, I don’t even smoke weed…It was very weird. It was like a week later when it came out and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ I didn’t know it happened until a week later. If you look at the video, I couldn’t even stand up. I’m just not going to go the clubs anymore.”

Two quick things and then you can forget this one-sided bit of embarrassment for Amber ever happened.

1. You can’t claim you were drugged when your initial “apology” was a joke about how drunk you were. Now, if you were drugged, that’s a terrible act and one that deserves the attention. But if you weren’t, it’s actually sh*tty to make light of a dangerous situation like being roofied, and trivializes the experiences of the women who have suffered through it.

2. Who the f*ck cares at this point? Why is this still a thing? Yes, Kanye’s (probably) had ghostwriters in the past. Also, Amber probably doesn’t know a damn thing about his working relationship with Travis Scott, since Rose and Yeezy broke up before Scott came into the picture. Gotty clarified both of these things earlier.

So the media can put this thing to rest now, right? Right. Good. Moving along.

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