Amber Rose And Machine Gun Kelly Are A Thing Now

04.27.15 3 years ago 55 Comments

TMZ put the spotlight on Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly, showing pics of the two rubbing up on each other at the airport and holding hands while walking down the street. Doing stuff like that pretty much makes you a couple, or at least it did in high school. If they’re a couple, I have questions and concerns.

1. Wasn’t Amber just saying how much she how much she loves Wiz?

2. Or was that James Harden?

3. Do rappers and ball players all choose to date the same women purposely? Out of all the video vixens, Instagram chicks and all the random groupies to choose from in hundreds of cities, why do they rotate through the same couple of chicks – Amber, Superhead, Kat Stacks, the strippers Drake namechecks, etc.?

4. Kanye’s probably like…

5. At first glance, I thought MGK was Pejeet Photoshopping himself into pics again.

6. MGK has worked with Wiz before on songs. Will the next awards show be awkward or is it all daps?

7. On a scale of 1-10, how envious are you right now that MGK’s got that mass nestled up right up on him?

8. If she’s gone from A-list rappers to C-list dudes, how long before one of us commoners can apply to sponsor her?

9. Wiz’s face when he saw this shit? That’s easy.

Wiz Khalifa Face

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallo

(via TMZ, H/T Complex)

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