Amigo The Devil – “Perfect Wife” Video

06.22.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Amigo The Devil’s “Perfect Wife” doesn’t necessarily have to be a looker or a great chef or have to be anything worth bragging about. As shown in the intensely graphic video, his ideal spouse is, well, a dead one. Yeah, it’s a deliciously evil concept but Amigo pulls off the mini-movie masterfully. From start to finish the PushOneStop-powered visuals bring the song’s wickedly vivid plot to life almost line by line.

In flashes of morbid creativity he sees himself killing his significant other in several brutal ways, some less painful (poisoning) than others (bludgeoning with a VCR). And without revealing the twist, “Perfect Wife” is a flawless example of a concept record that deserves at least one spin from all ears, no matter if your musical palette is diverse or one dimensional, like mine.

Amigo’s Manimals EP available on iTunes now and at

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