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Bernice Burgos

Amy Winehouse Estate; Singer’s $4.66 Million Fortune To Go To Family [HuffPost]

NFL Season To Begin With Glorious Cowboys Loss [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

50 Cent Working on First ‘Gangsta Grillz’ Mixtape with DJ Drama [Broken Cool]

Open For Discussion: Pregnant Women In The Club [C&D]

Juicy J, Moralist, Money Maker [Passion Of Weiss]

Push A Button On Your Fridge, Instantly Order A Pizza [The Consumerist]

The 7 Biggest Dick Moves in the History of Superheroes [Cracked]

9 Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets [GQ]

Lil’ B to Host “Rare” Lecture at NYU [Miss Info]

“Pac-Man Fever,” Thirty Years Later [The Awl]

The Really Easy Way To Get Smartphone Apps On Your PC [Business Insider]

The Case To Be Made Against George Zimmerman [The Atlantic]

Grooming Habits Every Man Should Take Up [Men’s Fitness]

To A Tee: Nautically Inspired [Cool Material]

I Lost My Job As A Teacher Because I Was Once A Call Girl [Guardian]

The Black Keys Call Napster, Spotify’s Sean Parker ‘Asshole’ Who ‘Stole $2 Billion’ From Artists [Hypebot]

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