Who’s Ready For A New Amy Winehouse Album?

07.28.11 6 years ago 19 Comments

An artist dies, they’re buried…and then the “posthumous albums” start rolling out and such will be the case for Amy Winehouse. Spokesman Chris Goodman says there is “plenty” of material in the can and an unnamed source close to Universal records claims that prior to her death the singer had the “framework” of around a “dozen” new songs. For now, discussions haven’t begun on what will be released or a timeframe for when fans will receive the music.

Frequent collaborator Salaam Remi confirmed that Winehouse had quite a bit of music in the stash during a recent interview with New York’s Power 105.1. The producer, who worked on Winehouse’s lone albums Frank and Back To Black, stated “We had a lot of things going, there are recordings, but first things first, I think,” he said. “We’re trying to focus on what’s at hand and what her family wants to do.”

Which rougly translates into “Oh, we’re going to release that sh*t and cash in as soon as we can press and package it up, but only after we decide how the money will be split.” Winehouse’s sudden death caused a spike in digital sales of her music to the tune of a 2000% increase in the past week. Like it or not, nobody’s going to walk past a wallet overflowing with money laying on the sidewalk and the powers that be won’t miss a chance to make a quick buck off of Amy’s name either.

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