NBATradeTracker Explains How Magic Johnson Nearly Became A Chicago Bull

08.15.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

Here’s a great, and I mean great, time waster today if you happen to be a fan of the NBA. is a new site, not even a week old, dedicating itself to breaking down how some of the greatest trades actually came to fruition changing the course of the sport as we know it. For their inaugural post, the team describes how Earvin “Magic” Johnson ended up in Los Angeles, and not Chicago.

Without ruining the clip, NBATT weaves through the complicated scenario of draft picks, horrible records, once in a generation luck and who those picks eventually spawned into. The video itself is a complete mind f*ck, and one which left me speechless upon its conclusion. Seeing as how I get way more enjoyment out of stuff like this than I should, becoming a regular visitor to their site has already been added to my daily rotation. This video does make you think though. If that coin toss doesn’t fall in L.A.’s favor and Magic lands in Chicago – who passed up on some quality talent at #2 that year – then it’s probably a great chance the Bulls don’t end up with the third pick in the ’84 draft. This means…

You know what? Forget it, we’d be here all day debating that. Just watch the video. It does it way more justice anyway.

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