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08.27.14 3 years ago 11 Comments

An Oral History Of ‘Trading Places’ [Business Insider]

My Anaconda Don’t Want None [Bryon Crawford]

80 Years Of Fergusons [BuzzFeed]

Where Feds Rule With Violence And Secrecy [The Daily Beast]

Stable, 64-Bit Version Of Chrome Finally Available [Ars Technica]

Public Enemy No. 1: The Curious Case Of Floyd Mayweather Jr. [TSFK]

Hurricane Katrina: Then And Now [NOLA]

Leaked iPhone 6 Guide Appears to Confirm Announce Date, Other Details [Gizmodo]

Natural Born Killers At 20: Still Blistering, Still Brutal [Playboy]

Tef Poe On Ferguson, His Hometown: “The Mike Brown Rebellion Has Begun” [RFT]

Drake Laughs Off Winning Best Hip-Hop Video VMA for R&B Song [Billboard]

America’s Police Departments Lost A Ton Of Military-Issued Weapons [Fusion]

Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New App, Is Like A $15K Video Setup In Your Hand [Wired]

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