Everybody, Stop What You’re Doing & Look At The New “Anchorman” Poster

05.16.12 6 years ago 27 Comments

Fact: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is the most quotable comedy, ever. Disagree if you must, but know that your opinion is wrong. Realizing that the masses are still in love with Will Ferrell’s mustached protagonist years after the original dropped, Paramount Pictures is fast at work on a sequel. The film’s first official* poster dropped today, featuring four impeccably-dressed sets of legs. Going out on a limb, but they probably belong to Ron Burgundy’s Channel 4 News team.

I usually frown on comedy sequels. As The Hangover 2 proved, directors generally take the easy way out, pandering to the audience members too caught up in the moment to smell the recycled jokes. If there’s a movie strong enough to buck that trend, though, it’s Anchorman 2 (or whatever the final title becomes). Every big name from the original is set to return, including Paul Rudd and Carell. Considering so much of the ensemble’s strength came from improvisation, fans should look forward to a movie just as funny. That 2013 release date can’t come soon enough.


* – The poster was first featured on the “Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide” (, so authenticity is going to be debated. Until I get told otherwise, though, this thing as as real as you or me.

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