And 1 Will Be Releasing A 20th Anniversary DVD

10.30.12 5 years ago 11 Comments

It’s crazy to believe, but And 1 turns 20 years old next year. And to help celebrate the milestone, the company plans on releasing a DVD chronicling the brand’s humble beginnings to their present-day global appeal. A must-have for anybody like yours truly who flocked home many a days after school to catch the And 1 Tour program on ESPN.

With players like A.O., 50, Hot Sauce, The Professor and hundreds more, their skill, showmanship and influence have further helped the game of basketball become arguably the most woven sport into every corner of America. They weren’t NBA Hall of Famers, but pillars of the game in their own right.

And before getting out of here, one more note. R.I.P. Escalade.


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