…And Then They Asked Alicia Keys To Pick Jay-Z Or Nas.

10.26.12 5 years ago 73 Comments

As one of the greats, Alicia Keys has worked with many other legendary artists of the same caliber. In a recent interview on the air with iiKane during the “Hot Seat” segment on 92Q Jams Baltimore, Alicia was asked to pick between two rap greats: Nas and Jay-Z.

We won’t spoil the answer but listen in at the 1:15 mark to hear which one she chose because of his ability to go into a place where he accesses “concepts and storylines that most people wouldn’t be able to pull together.” Also, Keys is asked to pick the better singer between Beyonce and Mary J. Blige (1:40 mark), which is like choosing your favorite child. Credit due to Alicia though because she answers both questions with flinching.

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