Stacks On Stacks: Andre 3000’s 20 Best Guest Appearances

By 12.28.11

Over the past year, there has been a certain resurgence in verses from a one Mr. André Benjamin. After sidelining himself for the most part over the last four years or so, the past 365 have seen the antisocial Outkast member spitting sixteens aside anyone from Jeezy to Tech N9ne and B.o.B. to Ke$ha. And, although there doesn’t seem to be any official project in the works for the part-time MC, this Three Stacks resurrection reminded us of all the past features he’d knocked out over his two-decade career, as both a solo artist and associate of General Patton.

While they may seem like a tease, just take these top 20 guest appearances* from Dré as a reminder to why he’s forever in demand in the minds of both fans and rappers, as well as considered one of Hip-Hop’s elite to anyone who’s ever rode rhymes from the original ATLien.

* – In no ranking order so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

1. Lloyd Feat. Nas & André 3000 – “You” (Remix)

Why wouldn’t we kick off the list with André addition’s to Lloyd’s silky-smooth remix of Spandau Ballet’s sole classic? The track and verses are casually cool, eclectic and slick as Michigan roads in late December. Just like Three Stacks.

2. UNK Feat. Outkast & Jim Jones – “Walk It Out” (Remix)

There was a point about five years where Dré was hopping on whatever damn track he felt like. And, when he decided to jump aboard one-hit-wonder UNK’s bouncy single, “Walk It Out,” not only was his real talk sixteen an exclamation point of that trend, but it also put a halt to sales of way-over-sized tees for good.

3. Devin The Dude Feat. Snoop Dogg & André 3000 – “What A Job”

Aside from being one of the most down-to-earth, appreciative Hip-Hop songs of all time, Devin’s ode his craft featured Three Stacks’ beautiful reiteration of a couple who “used to get high to (him) in high school” and “make love to (him) in college,” which might be the coolest shout-out a fan could ask for.

4. Slimm Calhoun Feat. André 3000 – “It’s OK”

As Outkast approached the peak in their Diamond-status run of success, they gave frequent collaborator Slimm “Cutta” Calhoun the opportunity of a lifetime and put out his debut project The Skinny through their Aquemini imprint, back in 2001. The twangy and somewhat forgotten single from the project featured a high-pitched, but well-delivered sixteen from André’s intergalactic twin. Check out his doped-up caterpillar portrayal in the video above.

5. Goodie Mob Feat. Outkast – “Black Ice”

Just like their Organized Noize brothers, Goodie Mob saw their music become less grimy as their sound progressed. And, by the time to follow up their southern-fried classic Soul Food, the more melodic Still Standing kicked off with this introspective cut inspired by the slippery Atlanta neighborhoods they grew up in and featured quite a kaleidoscopic verse from the future Four Brothers star.

6. Beyoncé Feat. André 3000 – “Party”

Can you imagine J. Cole’s face when he heard that he was replacing one of the most sought after rappers in the game for a Beyoncé single? “Seriously!? Are you sure Hov’s cool with that?”

7. Young Jeezy Feat. Jay-Z & André 3000 – “I Do”

We know, we know. André’s verse from Jeezy’s dedication to the game is old. But, that doesn’t make it any less of a perfect fit on this sleeper hit of 2011.

8. Lloyd Feat. Lil Wayne & André 3000 – “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)”

Question: What do you do when you’ve enlisted someone as elusive as Andre Three-Thou for your single, then secure him for the video? Answer: Turn him into a talking cat.

9. John Legend Feat. André 3000 – “Green Light”

When John Legend’s forward-thinking Evolver single dropped back in 2008, we loved every bit of the uptempo cool. Then, the radio never stopped playing it and we moved on to Diplo’s Dade County remix.

10. Sleepy Brown Feat. Outkast – “Can’t Wait”

If you recall, Big Boi’s partner in rhyme reintroduced himself to a lovely lady looking for a gentleman, on this low-key Sleepy Brown steamer from the Barbershop 2: Back in Business soundtrack. Come to think of it, this Outkast feature may be the only thing we remember about that movie.

11. Rich Boy Feat. André 3000, The Game, Jim Jones, Murphy Lee & Lil Jon – “Throw Some D’s” (Remix)

“Ain’t a hood aggin, but a aggin from the hood.”

12. Chris Brown Feat. Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous & André 3000 – “Dueces (Remix)”

By the time half the world was casually humming the hook to Chris Brown’s comeback track, Three Stacks closed down this remix with a verse about the broken heart he was left with by an unknown locomotive.

13. Cool Breeze Feat. Outkast, Witchdoctor & Goodie Mob – “Watch For The Hook”

There couldn’t be have been more appropriate opener to Cool Breeze’s single slice of fame than André’s line, “Never has every member in one crew been so diverse.” We tend to agree.

14. Jay-Z Feat. Ice Cube & André 3000 – “30 Something (Remix)”

Honest to God, I didn’t even know this song existed before this list was made. But, apparently ATL’s DJ-extraordinaire Greg Street organized this grown-folk noise back in 2007, looking to try and spice up Jay’s Kingdom Come blunder any way he could. If you’re parenting skills have been lacking lately, just play Three Stacks verse and your knucklehead kid might actually learn some manners.

15. Drake Feat. André 3000 & Lil Wayne – “The Real Her”

It feels like there were about ten rap verses on Drake’s sophomore album. Luckily, one of them was courtesy of Mr. Benjamin.

16. Ke$ha Feat. André 3000, T.I., Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne – “Sleazy 2.0”

When Ke$ha, of all people, dropped this star-studded remix to her “Sleazy” single, earlier this month, commenters were already calling it a possible collaboration of the year candidate. André’s verse about befriending a child-aged version of the rarely-sober singer only added to the random awesomeness.

17. Eightball & MJG Feat. Outkast – “Throw Your Hands Up”

With ‘Kast on the cusp of super-stardom, back in 1999, Memphis legends Eightball & MJG recruited the duo for this grimey look into the lifestyle of a Southern player. Word to the mothaf**ka.

18. Big Boi Feat. Raekwon & André 3000 – “Royal Flush”

Two words: Unreleased classic.

19. Lil Wayne Feat. Tech N9ne & André 3000 – “Interlude”

When Weezy talked about wanting to collaborate with both Dré and The Neezle, the whole Hip-Hop world let out a simultaneous, “Huh!?” But, things got really weird when we received them both on the same track, sans the host.

20. UGK Feat. Outkast – “International Players Anthem”

Drop this UGK classic at any Hip-Hop show, any place in the country, and you’ll undoubtedly see everyone in the building belting it out, word for word. Or, at least, the entire verse courtesy of the man of the hour. On top of being André’s most popular sixteen from this list, it sure as hell ain’t the only time you’ll hear people asking him to reconsider something.

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