Andre Nickatina Feat. Paul Wall – “Pimp Hop” Video

05.13.10 8 years ago 32 Comments

Considering over-saturation from renown rappers and the overall abundance of MCs, seeing Andre Nickatina keep weaseling his way into regular rotation – after 14 albums – is like getting a special card in a pack of Topps Stadium Club. Rare, but inevitable if persistent. To help feed us fiends his hologram raps, this San Fran staple paired up with Paul Wall to drop “Pimp Hop,” the first visual from his recently released and well-received Khan! The Me Generation.

The title might be eh, but this perfectly-produced Prime Zero video really brings to life Dre Dog’s spot-on raps and off-beat character, showcasing his abilities as an artist and underground entrepreneur. Pao Wao, too, for that matter.

Perseverance does pay off.

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