Andrew Wiggins: Bye Bye, Kansas. Hello, NBA Draft!

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03.31.14 10 Comments

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In the least surprising news of the day, Kansas freshman Andrew Wiggins has a press conference set for today to announce he’s leaving college after just one season to enter the NBA draft. Wiggins began his brief collegiate career as the much ballyhooed No. 1 prospect of what was supposed to be a historic 2014 draft class. But as the season went on, his 17.1 points 5.9 rebounds and habit of disappearing for long stretches of games has tempered expectations.

Was Wiggins an uber-athletic talent simply hindered by the college game? Will improved spacing and the man defenses of the pros be better for his skill set?

Only time will tell, but after his early exit and vanishing act against Stanford in the NCAA Tournament, suddenly the “next LeBron James” has a lot to prove before Adam Silver steps to the podium in late June.

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