Let DJ Khaled And Andrew Wiggins Show You What Greatness Is

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
11.24.15 3 Comments

Champs Sports knows what time it is. It’s holiday season, and that means everybody’s looking to open up their wallets to get fresh in the flyest gear. To set the season off, they’re sharing an early look at their upcoming ad campaign featuring NBA star Andrew Wiggins and Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown as ‘Game Consultants’ along with former Champs sales associate and sneaker enthusiast DJ Khaled playing the role of hypeman.

I don’t know if I necessarily trust Khaled to be my guide in outfit architecture but he’s always been one hell of a pitchman given the level of sincerity he conveys. In fact, every time I get a new pair of kicks, I’m going to hold them up in my hands as if they were baby Kunta Kinte and christen them by saying “Look at the freshness” in my Khaled voice.

Stayed tuned for more swagger tips from Wiggins, Brown and, of course, Khaled, courtesy of Champs.

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