Angel Haze Leaks ‘Dirty Gold’ Album Because Of Industry Bullsh*t

12.18.13 4 years ago 30 Comments

Angel Haze is sick of your sh*t, music industry. After collecting a thick layer of dust on Island/Republic’s shelf since signing with the label, the Detroit emcee alleges that she was promised her debut album Dirty Gold would be released by year’s end, if she turned it in before the end of the summer. Haze says she held up her end of the bargain, but the label heads reneged and decided not to drop the album this year. In a fit of frustration and anger at her alleged mistreatment, Haze decided to leak the entire album herself.

Haze took to Twitter this morning, and punctuated a series of impassioned tweets detailing her struggles with her label, the hard work she put in to complete her album on time, and the emotional wringer one goes through when chasing dreams with a direct link to Dirty Gold.

As of this posting, the album is no longer online. More and more artists are becoming frustrated by the typical label structure, grabby executives drafting 360 deals, and other impediments that come between an artist creating and distributing their art in a way that makes the most sense for them. The big names at the top are using their fame to create small fissures in the foundation of how music is sold, but artists like Angel Haze and others with smaller niche artists will need to apply their creativity to the business world to truly shake the music industry to its core, and revolutionize how are art and commerce coincide in the future.

H/T: HuffPo

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