Can AngelGold, Ty Dolla $ign, Big TC And TeeCee4800 Make A Wack Tune? ‘No, No, No’

01.22.16 2 years ago
AngelGold No No No


Is it a family affair in here “Or Nah?” It looks like it as Ty Dolla $ign, Big TC and their real lil sis AngelGold bring along their cousin TeeCee4800 to give the haters the Mutombo finger on “No, No, No.”

Thank god for ShoNuff’s hammering composition because this record was guaranteed to slap before any of their smoked out vocals hit the track. With Ty’s harmonies dripped all over the mellow subharmonics of that bassline, Angel gets to hustling across “the PM, the AM” but don’t ask her for nada “no, no.” To be honest, TeeCee has had much stronger showings than here but his feature does provide a Migos-type reprieve from all the singing so it works well.

After getting her first major look on Ty’s “Miracles” from Free TC at the end of 2014, Angel is about to drop not one but two projects in the coming months. HappyHours and AfterHours will drop separately and if her family tree is any indication, those late nights are going to be some fun ones. Get into “No No No” below.

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