Stream And Download The Animals Self-Titled Mixtape, Hosted By Trackstar The DJ

06.17.15 3 years ago

Animals Cover

Roll call! who was around way back in 2008, when we posted the first TSS-presented artist mixtape, Wafeek’s The Aristocrats?

For those present, you’ll know then that Wafeek’s dropped numerous, praise-worthy projects since—including the Monster mixtape, which we also had hand in. Now he’s back with a new SoCal crew, the Animals, who are premiering their debut as a collective today, courtesy of TSS.

Feekee and his cohorts, Steve Spiffler, DeeGrey, Dez Yusef, K.I.T., and Limotint, take turns providing rapid-fire rhymes alongside soulful vocals from Sum Difference (who does double-duty on the bars as well), Tombot 5000, Vulkin P, and Vanessa Aolani. Wafeek explained their decision to assemble in pursuit of success:

“Given the opportunity each individual member has the type of talent it takes to do special things in this business of music. It takes more than talent, however, to break through in today’s industry. It takes support from the people closest to you. It takes a village, and that’s the driving force behind this band of brothers and sisters.”

Whether you’ve been along since The Aristocrats or just tuned into the work of Wafeek, nearly eight years of TSS co-sign should be enough to convince anyone to lend his or her ears.

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