Play Antoine Walker In Pick-Up Basketball For Only $2,500

04.12.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

Pst. Hey, guy.

Remember Antoine Walker, the pudgy Celtics and Heat power forward who somehow won both a NBA and NCAA championship? Of course you do. Any chance you’d want to splurge $2,500 to play him in a game of pick-up?

In the case you want to irresponsibly spend that tax return, Tiki Barber’s athlete-pimping company Thuzio allows anyone in the Chicago-land area to pay the aforementioned amount to take on Walker in pick-up. Thuzio, which Barber started last year with co-founder and co-chairman, Mark Gerson, situates itself on that exact premise: offering fans the opportunity to interact with current and former athletes, coaches and media personalities for a specified sum of money.

For those thinking to themselves, where have I heard that name before?, Thuzio was the company that placed JR Smith at a Bar Mitzvah in December. The company’s site lists some of the standard athlete-fan services like speaking engagements and golf outings (Ricky Watters will totally play golf with you for only $1,750!); however, there are some more creative ways to finally bond with that former Sports Illustrated cover or random ESPN roster listing: Kevin Faulk will sit in on a game of poker for $1,250 per hour and former Los Angeles Laker Cedric Ceballos will have a 10-minute phone call with someone for $99.

We’d dive into even more minute details about Thuzio, but Grantland’s word machine, Rembert Browne, already wrote an encyclopedia on the company back in February, which you can find here.

So back to Antoine. Enticed? Trying to place that bid? Just remember that Thuzio athletes, coaches and personalities will typically only travel within a designated area, so only Chicago buyers need apply.

No word on whether shimmies and unlimited chucked threes will be included.


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