Apple’s iGlass Could Take Us One Step Closer To A Sci-Fi Future

07.05.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

Right on the heels of Google’s Google Glasses announcement, Apple filed a patent for a similar device, predictably to be called iGlass. The potential here is pretty much unlimited. In just a few years, touchscreen could be a thing of the past altogether. In fact, screens as a whole could be a thing of the past.

Theoretically, these virtual reality glasses could do everything from launching apps to watching movies, to writing out blog posts, all with a combination of eye movements and verbal dictation. Best of all, thanks to the all encapsulating glasses the user would be completely immersed in the experience, not limited to the 3.5″ or 10″ screens of the iPhone and iPad, respectively. Of course this is all speculation based on the filing of a patent, so nothing’s set in stone but it’s always fun to wonder just how soon we can be in a Minority Report-esque world where physical interaction is no longer necessary to operate a device.

Sidenote: It looks like Apple is getting ready to launch a 7″ version of the iPad fairly soon. Maybe the Nook and the Kindle Fire are posing more of a threat than anybody imagined…


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