Apple Invades Your Ride With New CarPlay Vehicle Integration

03.03.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Apple’s car integration platform was a long sought after myth, that had been rumored for some time now. And with CarPlay, the Cupertino tech giant is taking what Tesla began with their Android-based touch screen interface and bringing iOS7 to vehicles, that help users stay connected without getting texting tickets.

It’s a nifty system that seemed like it would be the next step in the natural evolution of mobile devices. CarPlay allows people to use the phone, send text messages, and (of course) enable GPS in a hands free way that supposedly doesn’t remove focus from the road. This also means more and more cars will be equipped with touch screens. Also, when available, it integrates with the dashboard buttons of select cars.

Beats Radio and Spotify headline the media applications that are compatible with CarPlay, while marquee car brands Ferrari, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz (among others) take the first crack at rolling it out. Soon to come will be BMW, Toyota, Ford, Nissan and many others. Notably missing from the list is Tesla, an assumed omission because of their Google contracts, but notable nonetheless because of their reputation of bringing the future to the present thanks to the most technologically advanced car the US has right now in the Model S.

And thus, though far from being a game-changing announcement, Apple’s CarPlay looks like it’s going to be the next dimension in its smartphone ecosystem that keep us more deeply surrounded by out mobile devices at all times.

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