Apple iPad 3 Reportedly Releasing March 2012

01.16.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

As is the Apple way of doing things, a new-and-improved version of their trendsetting iPad tablet is already in the works. Unsurprisingly called the iPad 3, the device is set to release in March, a full calendar year after the iPad 2 hit shelves. Despite all the expected hoopla, new features should do little to inspire current iPad 2 owners to jump ship.

Just as Raj requested earlier, there’s an updated display and networking system and a quad-core processor; nice upgrades, but nothing that people can’t live without, especially considering how well the iPad 2 already works. Unfortunately, there’s little else and no significant hardware or software upgrade that will have people jumping out of their seats. Basically, this will be a faster, higher-res rendition of what every iPad 2 owner already has. If you are looking to jump on the tablet bandwagon and want to go the Apple rout, it’d make sense to wait until March. Everyone else should rest easy knowing that the proposed upgrade isn’t anything substantial.


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