Apple’s Reportedly Set For A Big iPhone Announcement On September 10th

08.12.13 4 years ago 13 Comments


Yep, it’s that time of year again. Another fall approaching, and probably a new iPhone with it.

The news isn’t certain just yet, but AllThignsD is reporting Apple will hold a special event on Tuesday, September 10, a date that historically lines up with the last two previous iPhone releases.

The news doesn’t even begin to take into consideration that Apple has a dire, immediate need to update its smartphone. Samsung has chipped away at Apple’s market share continuously over the last year and, though the pace of innovation has slowed considerably, an annual refresh is absolutely necessary to stay relevant. But, the bigger question is what can Apple put out that can change the company’s image from ‘boring’ to exciting and fresh?

In the long term, the answer may not even be a mobile device, but if it wants to have any chance at remaining a significant force, a new iPhone needs to hit shelves as soon as humanly possible. And not just any new iPhone. It’s time for the 3 to 3GS/4 to 4S cycle to be broken. There needs to be some kind of catchy, indispensable technology inside to help separate it from the competition.

On September 10th, Apple must once again give the consumer a reason to buy their products.

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