Will You Be Buying Apple’s New, Improved iPad?

03.07.12 6 years ago 23 Comments

A couple months ago I wrote a piece about what features Apple would need to add to the new iPad for me to cop it. Well, after weeks of intense speculation and incredible hype, the big day is finally here and Apple unveiled their tablet’s next generation model. And now that we know the ins and outs, I can determine whether or not I will be standing in line, come next Friday. Here are five features I was looking forward to with the new tablet and whether or not Apple delivered on them.

Feature One: Retina Display

Enh, right off the bat, Apple half-assed it. Where the iPod/iPhone get 326 pixels per inch, the new iPad will have 264 for a final display resolution of 2048 x 1536. At 1,000,000 more pixels than the standard HDTV, it’s certainly a drastic step up from the previous generation, but still not quite where it could have been. Apple claims that the user will not be able to distinguish a difference between iPad and iPod, but that remains to be seen.

Feature Two: 4G Connectivity

This was an absolute must, and they delivered. Not only is the download speed some 10x faster than before, but Apple continues to expand the number of supported carriers, especially internationally. This time, Rogers, Telus, and Bell will all be providing LTE service in addition to the usual suspects AT&T and Verizon. Users waiting for the iPhone 5 can 100% bet that it will be supported by the same lightning-fast service as well.

Feature Three: True Multitasking

Nope, not even close. But then again, I didn’t expect this one to happen. When rumors of the high-powered A6 chip started to circulate, there was hope but it wound up being, just that – rumor. The final product features the A5X chip, a modified version of the A5 that’s in the iPhone 4S, which supports “quad-core gaming” to provide more detailed graphics, and smoother interface while playing. It’s a plus, but not what I was looking for.

Feature Four: A Tablet Version of OSX

Again, I didn’t think this was going to happen either, but I was hoping it would. I know that it would harm battery life and all that, but I still maintain that it’s a must-have feature that will be seen on tablets later this year. Windows 8, here’s your opening.

Feature Five: Better Camera

Apple came through on this one too, with a beefed up 5 megapixel camera on the back that’s also capable of recording full 1080p video. It also has the added bonuses of recording stabilization and temporal noise reduction. It’s basically the same camera on the iPhone 4S, but with fewer megapixels.


In the end, I’m not salivating over any these upgrades, so no, I probably won’t have any plans to buy the iPad any time soon. Essentially all of the speculation was correct and Apple gave the iPad all the necessary improvements to keep afloat with the competition. Even now, I can’t help but wonder if things would be different if Steve Jobs was still around. Last time he wasn’t a part of the company, Apple was on the brink of closing its doors for good. Unless the iPhone 5 completely wows the world, it may just be a matter of time before companies like Microsoft and Google evens the playing field (no I didn’t include RIM here on purpose because f*ck what you heard, the BlackBerry is still headed down the sh*tter). Still, people are going to shell out their hard-earned money for the new iPad and lines will be around the corner at every Apple Store across the country.

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