Are You From HERE?: Brandon Jennings Shines For Compton In New Under Armour Ad

11.16.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Kendrick ain’t the only kid from Compton TSS has love for. If you refer to the 12 NBA Young Guns To Watch (If There’s A Season) post, you’ll notice a fundamentally sound yet capable of the flash, sharp-witted point guard by the name of Brandon Jennings holding court in Milwaukee. But thanks to the rising brand power of Under Armour, he takes it back to Hub City, the concrete jungle that helped him hone his skills as a competitor and shaped his mentality to be a man in society.

Whether he’s fulfilling his duties on the hardwood or in fatherhood, you can tell he’s about his biz. This may be slick promotion for the new Micro G Bloodline but it’s art reflecting life in the purest of fashion. Now that’s something worth endorsing.

[Sole Collector]

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