Ariana Grande Ft. The Weeknd – ‘Love Me Harder’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
08.20.14 12 Comments


The whole #ProtectAriana movement dies just a little bit more each day as the release of her next album, My Everything, draws closer. Just one week ago, she employed Katy Perry-like rocket boobs for her “Break Free” video. Today, she’s debuted her highly anticipated song with The Weeknd and, even though it’s sort of hard to tell which high-pitched voice is which, somebody sings the line “Can you feel the pressure be-tween your hips…”. I’m pretty sure that had to come from Abel, but I could be wrong.

The song didn’t end up being all “BDSM and coke” like we expected, but it’s still ripe with innuendo. Either way, she’s gone bruh. #ProtectAriana is over.

Ariana’s My Everything releases on August 25th.

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