Armani “Mistakes” Alfre Woodard For Idris Elba, Twitter Reacts With #ArmaniCaptions

Life Writer
11.19.13 33 Comments

Even though racism no longer exists in post-9/11, post-Obama, post office ‘Murica, a side-eye still gets hurled when media – in this case a fashion brand – mistakes one Black person for another. Last night, Armani f*cked up when it uploaded an image of Alfre Woodard on its Instagram with the caption “Idris Elba posing in a gorgeous Giorgio #Armani dress at the 5th Annual Governors Award.” Aww geez.

The Instagram has since been deleted but what came about was #ArmaniCaptions, a delicious race-themed meme poking fun at Armani’s faux pas.

Check em out!

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