Pill Money…

10.22.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

I’ll admit, I’ve never seen Smallville a day in my life and haven’t the slightest who star Sam Jones is either. But the fact homeboy just got busted for trying to shop ten thousand oxycodone pills strikes an odd chord with me. See, like everyone, I got a man who knows people, and the other day my mind imploded when he told me about some 17-year-old pistols from around the way pulling in around 70 stacks a months from “slanging the OCs. It’s all they do. A bunch of little kids riding around in the craziest cars you’ve ever seen.”

Then I hear this and can only shake my head.

Actually, I might as well just keep it shaking, because the fact dude’s stupid enough to risk losing a recurring role on a long-running hit television series just to cash in on this current pharmaceutical gold rush isn’t even the issue. Who gives a shit about him? Lil’ homie’s got grind in his blood and that’s that. The real problem is that there’s a Timbo-like pill leak in the hospitals, or the medicine-making-factory or some shit, because nobody should be able to cake up that quickly from something as shoddy as over-the-counter pills. Not only isn’t it fair, but the audacity of it all really spotlights the pill problem amongst trusting high-school kids. Kids who are my brother’s age, naive enough to fall into anything.

It’s actually kind of scary, because a high-priced hustle with little-to-no overhead isn’t stopping anytime soon and we all know the ravenous consequences of quick money and drugs. I think Bone put it best. Mark my words, you can expect a lot more bad news on the way as a result of a bunch of medicine that the government supplies to make us feel better.

Come to think of it, why doesn’t that surprise me at all?

‘Smallville’ Actor Arrested in Drug Deal [PopEater]

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