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freddie gibbs midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik

By now, we’re sure you’ve given midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik a serious run through a handful of times now. You also probably realize it is one of the rawest, yet most honest releases in a long while as well. The young man hailing from the same city the Jacksons made famous is poised to potentially become the next big star out of the Midwest. Recently, I had a chance to chop it up with Gibbs about his mindset as he recorded the aforementioned mixtape. He spoke on joy, UGK’s influence, pain, women…and he also spoke on two foot long blunts, all of which resonate brightly in his music. Read below as Gibbs briefly breaks down the mixtape album and the inspiration behind each track.

The break awaits. And yes, I said two foot long blunts.

1. “Midwest Malcom (Inhale)” – I felt this was the perfect way to jump shit off. When my homie Cook Classics sent me the beat, all I could picture was starting my day on some early mornin’ shit. Lyrically, I had to reintroduce myself to niggas that don’t know me as well as establish my own style of shit.

2. “Boxframe Cadillac” — For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an infatuation with ol’ school cars. I was born in the ’80’s, so the boxed up rides from that era stand vividly in my mind. My homie, Big Stymie (R.I.P.), had an ’83 ‘Lac we all used to get in and smoke out. Quite naturally, I was already smoking when I made this song, so it put me in that mood.

3. “Sumthin’ U Should Know” (Feat. Devin The Dude) — By far, the most fun, drunken song I’ve ever done. I was in the studio with Red Spyda and he was playing with the guitar, and I was playing with the bitches. Seeing how I was new to Los Angeles, the studio stayed slutted out. I draw inspiration by what surrounds me, so I made a song about everyone’s favorite subject (even women), pussy.

4. “For My Niggaz” (Feat. Hayes) — I made this joint awhile back when I was recording with J.R. Rotem and Hayes in the Interscope studios. This is another hard street song, really easy subject to speak on for a person of my background. This is the type of shit the label was afraid I would make a whole album of…straight gangsta shit.

5. “Murda On My Mind” — What I did here was try to put the the listener in the mind of somebody with their back against the wall. Nobody really wants to kill some shit, but it’s situations in which you really have no choice but to defend you and yours. Poverty causes violence. Point blank. This is an illustration of that.

6. Womb 2 The Tomb (Feat. Pill) — Mr. Lee has always been one of my favorite producers. My partners, Archie and Lambo, worked real hard at establishing contact with the right producers that fit my style of rap. Pill happens to be one of my favorite new rappers. In all honesty, he’s one of the few niggas I listen to. This song is a motivational record because it let’s me know my sole purpose is to make life better for myself and those around me from now till my clock stop.

7. “County Bounce” — Thanks again, Sid. I was depressed, sleepin’ on my homie’s couch and he gave me this beat and a sack of weed to lift my spirits. The first verse I talk about my experience with the jail system. In the second, I look at it like a letter to my homies locked up as well as my homies I haven’t seen in awhile. I also had to shout out all the G.I. (Gary, Indiana) pioneers who showed me a nigga from Gary could do this shit too. For the record, a nigga did all the singin’ on this shit. I was high as hell.

8. “How I Feel” (Feat. D-Edge) — First off, much love to my nigga, D-Edge. He’s been holdin’ it down in the G for awhile before I was even rappin’. I was at his crib in Tarrytown and we was doing what we always do, gettin’ high and gettin’ money. I basically let niggas know I’m gonna do what I feel, when I feel even if they feel shitty about it.

9. “Talkin’ About You” — Man, it ain’t enough hoe-bashin’ in Hip-Hop no more. Fuck all that gay shit. I had to crush a couple of hoes’ feelings on this one. I know a hoe that be juicin’ these NBA niggas like Rafer Alston out his cheese, so I had to dedicate this song to these raggedy ass hoes. No disrespect to real women, however. If you’re a woman and you know you ain’t no hoe, then you won’t be offended. BIIIIIITCH!!

10. “Still Standing” — I had to get kind of serious on this shit. Without going too far in depth, I had an associate who was a deliquent with funds. This subsequently would lead to us getting into a disagreement. I’m not big on using too many B.I.G. and Pac samples in my shit, but the homie Chuck laced this shit the way I liked it, so I knocked it out the park.

11. “I’m The Man” — This was one produced by my homie, Axis. It’s nothin’ to be the best rapper in little old Gary, Indiana. I felt like I was at that level way before anybody ever heard of me. That’s fuckin’ small potatoes though. Anybody can be the best where they’re from. I wanna be the top nigga in rap period because I really don’t think none of these niggas are fuckin’ with me. With that said, I had to let niggas in my area know what it was when it came to this Gibbs shit.

12.Bussdown” — I was watchin’ 2Pac’s “I Get Around” and I wanted to be in the house with all them hoes, with the pool and shit. It ain’t too many niggas in Gary with a pool. Shit, it ain’t too may swimming pools period in Gary. This is just a record for the strippers and promiscuous ladies that we all love.

13. “Playa” (Feat. California Pudd) — Shouts to my nigga, Pudd!! West Coast baby!! L.A. is like my second home, so I was out there with my nigga Pudd and his brother. They were making a beat and I basically freestyled some shit and it stuck. It just so happens I was talkin’ about hoes again (Laughs). After I did it, it reminded me of that Do or Die type flow.

14. “Iodine Poison” — This is my ode to one of the greatest, most underrated musical influences in my life, Chad Butler. Before I ever wanted to be a rapper, I loved UGK and was basically raised off Texas rap. Pimp C and Bun B provided the soundtrack to my life for years, so I had to do this record. The only thing I regret is not being able to record with Pimp before he died. R.I.P.

15. “Just Tryin’ Ta Make It” –Three 6 Mafia made this beat. I tried to do some different shit over one of their tracks. It was my intention to get real deep on my history as opposed to gettin’ crunk and pushin’ a nigga on this one. Hopefully I can link back up with them and do that in the future though.

16. “One Mo’ Time” — Truthfully, I don’t like listening to this song at all, but it’s dope as fuck!! Real shit, when Skee gave me the tape to listen, it was the first time I heard this shit in awhile. I broke down in Archie’s car on the way to the studio. It’s that real and vivid to me. My songs are like movies. I think it’s because when I listen to them they take me back to that exact point in my life. Live in H.D.

17. “Higher Learning” — Exhale the weed smoke. This whole tape was like a thug’s fantasy ride. Why not end this shit with a two foot long blunt? Yeah nigga, I roll two foot long blunts. It takes a couple of packs of swishers, but I do it. That’s what me and Pudd did on this shit. It was like a duet with a poem at the end by yours truly. Shoutout to my nigga S-Class on the beat.

Is he vulgar? Damn right, and he doesn’t apologize to anyone for he what says, acts or feels. Is he real? About as real as steroids are in baseball. Regardless if you respect that or not, you have to respect his story because, in the end, that’s what Hip-Hop is in its purest state: one’s life embedded over an instrumental. Boxframe Caddys and all.

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