A$AP Rocky Explains Why He Aired Out Rita Ora On His New Album

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05.28.15 34 Comments

A$AP Rocky stopped by Ebro In The Morning to talk about his new album and to profess his love of orgies. In between that, the Rita Ora situation came up.

Laura Stylez: You came at my girl Rita Ora real nasty.

A$AP Rocky: You gotta realize man, I say what I want.

Laura: That’s true.

After expressing his shock that people keep bring up those lines, Rocky explained why he called Rita out.

That’s a really old song. I was in a relationship when I made that song. So, I’m referring to trouble that girl caused me. I’m being precise when I said she talks a lot. If no one in the world knows why she knows why.

I mean, I’m not a rapper or anything, but that could’ve been expressed without bringing up sperm, right? Apparently, I’m the only person curious about that.

Also, did you think the part where he “kissed a dyke chick” was about Katy Perry? Cause some people did and it totally was not.

Sometimes you might see a couple gay chicks that look really nice that could get it. Cause some chicks be bi and all that right? “I kissed a dyke chick and I liked it….”

Seems like the response to that deserves a GIF.

But seriously, stop trying to find meaning in the Rita Ora stuff you guys. It’s a personal situation and it needs to stay that way,

A$AP Rocky: I wanna make this clear. Rita Ora? I’m quite sure she’s a good person. Me and her had out differences. This album is not about bashing that girl or taking away from what she did. She does what does and she’s an incredible artist for that. That’s what I’ma say.

Ebro: And looks good too.

A$AP Rocky: She looks nice. She still does. I never said she was ugly. I never said she couldn’t, you know…

Rosenberg: You just had personal sh*t…

A$AP Rocky: I said what I said and that’s that. I wish people would stop trying to dissect sh*t from it, it is what it is.

Rosenberg: Well you’ve cleared it up right here.

See, it’s personal. Sure the raps are on a song meant for public consumption, but y’all are the chatty patties for bringing it up. Just let it go already.

(via HOT 97, H/T Vibe)

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