A$AP Rocky On Kendrick Diss: “You Smokin’ Crack”

08.20.13 4 years ago 38 Comments

A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar share a lot in common. Look past the content of their songs, and the two up-and-coming stars represent the kind of talents that their cities have been craving over for years. The kind of stars that transcend the genre, becoming both commercially and critically appreciated.

So when Kendrick called out his east coast counterpart like he did in “Control,” it was easy for us to wonder what the A$AP collective were really thinking. The TDE/Mob connection was and is one of the strongest such relationships in the game. Would this create a drift?

Rocky himself doesn’t seem to think so. In an interview with Flex on Hot 97, he takes a very political approach to matters, noting that Kendrick must be “smokin’ crack” if he thinks he’s the king of New York, but still supporting the competitive nature of the verse.

Those worried about losing the Rocky/ScHoolboy Q tandem should be able to chill, at least for the time being. After all, there’s little A$AP or his crew can do other than smile and take the ass-whooping Kendrick handed out. Act up and create a diss track, and they lose allegiance with the most buzzing name in music. And given the roster that TDE is fielding right now, it’s hard to picture anybody with something to lose wanting beef.

Basically, rappers had better get comfortable with the idea of TDE lording over the game for the next few years. That reality seems pretty unlikely to change.

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