A$AP Rocky’s Also Butthurt About His Placement On MTV’s “Hottest MC’s” List

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03.06.13 81 Comments

Looks like Kanye isn’t the only one catching feelings over MTV’s controversial “Hottest MC’s” list. Fellow fashion enthusiast A$AP Rocky’s also salty about his placement as the number 8 hottest MC.

The Harlemnite kicked it with the LA Leakers and pled his case on why he should’ve been ranked higher, specifically, number 1.

“I’ve been directing my videos since 22. I’m 24-years-old. All of my videos is sh*tting on any Hip-Hop videos out there, let’s be honest. The reason why everybody is wearing gold again is because of ya boy. Everybody was wearing diamonds. I’m the one who made the John Lennon shades with the glasses, everybody wearing it now. You see what’s going on now. C’mon. Who bought gold teeth back? Let’s be honest.

“I’m the first artist who grew enough balls to say, ‘I listen to Geto Boys, Three 6 Mafia, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, NWA, and Wu-Tang at the same damn time!’ What?! I’m influenced by all of them!

“What other rappers are on the cover of Vogue? Forget trends. Let’s get back to the music. Who bought double time back? Who was rapping like Bone? Nobody. Now everybody wanna ‘duh duh duh duh duh.’ okay, yeah, whatever. Who the one who… ‘my herringbone chain, my gold frames, my Cartier, you small change.’ Who bought that flow out? I don’t even use it no more! Everybody using the sh*t. Everybody rapping like that now. Let’s be real.

“No disrespect, but honestly, I put so much into this shit. On a serious note, my dad died about two weeks before my album came out. My dad died on Christmas. And right now, till this day, I’m here. I didn’t even get time to mourn about pops because I wanted to deliver an album, even after motherf*ckers leaked my sh*t. I still kept it going. You know how discouraging that is? Y’all already heard it, nahmean? Whatever. I still kept going. How the hell y’all gon put me…you n*ggas is…man. Fine. But thank you MTV! Once again, thank you.”

[LA Leakers]

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