A$AP Rocky Charged With Misdemeanor After Allegedly Slapping Female Fan

09.05.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

A$AP Rocky loves his fans a little differently than most stars. While some may give their fans a high-five, A$AP allegedly loves to high-five their faces.

The 24-year-old Harlem rapper has been charged with a misdemeanor simple assault after reportedly exercising his pimp hand on a female fan during his Made In America set on Saturday. According to the alleged victim, A$AP was making his way through a crowd of women tugging on his shirt when he turned around and open hand slapped the young mom. The alleged victim claims the b*tch slap was so forceful that she suffered whiplash as a result.

After filing a complaint with the District Attorney’s office on Wednesday, A$AP was charged with a misdemeanor simple assault.

This isn’t the first time A$AP has allegedly laid the smack down. A video showing the A$AP boss smacking a female during an Australian show made its rounds on the Internet in July.

I know you’re not suppose to judge a book by its cover but The Pretty Motherf*cker is just so pretty that I’d be shocked if he wasn’t smacking his b*tches up.

And then there’s this.

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