Nine-Year-Old Asean Johnson Throws Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Under The Bus With Incredible Speech

05.23.13 4 years ago 21 Comments

For every 999 stories of bad publicity resonating from the streets of Chicago, there’s a video like this which reminds us all there are people in The Chi fighting to preserve the beauty that is one of America’s most historic cities.

In this case, it comes in the form of third grader Asean Johnson. The young’n put his school and hood on his back and took the city’s politicians – most notably Rahm Emanuel – to the woodshed with an impassioned three minute speech about why his school, Marcus Garvey Elementary, should not be shut down.

Without ruining too much of the clip, Asean’s speech hits home due to the fact it’s essentially a young kid pleading with his own city, “Don’t do this to me. You know what happens to kids in this city. I need this.” At some point over the past 150+ years, however, politics became less about doing what’s right for the masses and more about giving reach-arounds to the “important” people padding their bank accounts for personal gain.

Better yet, that’s how things have been since the beginning of time. Don’t tell that to Young Asean, though. He’s coming for the establishment’s neck! Fight on, young gawd! Fight on!

Update: Don’t ever let anyone say kids’ voices don’t hold on weight. Not only are kids the product of instant classic AT&T commercials, but let’s go on and give young Asean at least 5% of the credit on this. From the reports, it appears as if his school will not be closed. Now someone tell me where to get my “Asean 4 Prez 2050” sticker.


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