“What’s Love?” – Ashanti To Be Dropped From The Inc.

05.07.09 9 years ago 16 Comments

MTV.com is reporting that Ashanti will be released from Murder Inc.

According to Irv Gotti, the two aren’t on speaking terms and “The relationship has run its course.” Damn. I mean, I know we haven’t heard from her in awhile, but, really? I thought she was all The Inc. had going these days. Apparently not, because the rebuilding process over on Gotti’s Way takes about as long as it does here at Ford Field. Come to think of it, with 15 million in sales under that Donna Karan belt of hers, Nelly’s girl might just be better off elsewhere.

Either way, I wish her well. Ever since she laced Joey’s third verse on “What’s Luv” about seven years ago, I’ve always wanted to put it on her. All over her might actually be more like it.


Irv Gotti Says He’s Dropping Ashanti From The Inc. [MTV]

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